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GT Green Technologies are wind propulsion experts offering independent advice on wind propulsion installations. We guide our clients through the decision making processes involved in investing in wind propulsion technologies.

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As an independent consultancy  with substantial  experience in the wind propulsion industry we offer services tailored to our clients giving them the confidence to make the right business decisions in this newly emerging market.


Our services include not only a full understanding of the performance of the technology but also incorporate the practical, operational and financial components. We are able to base our recommendations specifically for vessel type, layout, route and operational requirements, as different technologies hold different merits for each application. This puts us in a unique position to approach each case individually and incorporate our rounded experience into a bespoke recommendation. 


Having worked with multiple industry leaders we have an extensive history in many aspects of the wind propulsion market. These include the development of bespoke performance modelling and weather routing tools using AI and Machine Learning techniques, alongside experience in the design and development of various wind propulsion devices, patent development, regulation, classification and sales.

Image by Cameron Venti


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